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Corporate forests? It is something relatively new in Belgium. But one thing is certain: they offer a clear answer to an ever-increasing social need. And, it creates numerous opportunities. An own company forest is an excellent reputation tool and as a company you can link various marketing or personnel actions to it. Forest Fwd - read Forest Forward - is the first private player in Belgium to offer company forests. « We build company forests for companies, organisations and governments, » says managing partner Dajo Hermans. « We don’t do that on the other side of the world, but near your office or company. That makes it very concrete and tangible. Something we all like, right? By the way, we have a huge arsenal of potential grounds, which allows us to switch efficiently. »

Optimism keeps deteriorating

Last but not least: anyone who chooses a company forest is completely relieved of all the worries. « We take care of the search for land, the administration, the permits, the planting, the management and maintenance, and even the communication. In any case, an own forest is more than planting trees. It is also about connecting and uniting people. »  « We will do the planting campaign together with your staff and/or customers, so that we can make it a momentum. And we also take care of the necessary communication and social media posts. In addition, for each land we will always look at the possibilities in terms of recreation and opening it up to the public. »

Green Scans

An own company forest will usually start from 1 hectare, but is possible in all sizes and weights. Besides new forests, Forest Fwd also offers existing « mature » forests, which you can also innovate in ecological Green Scans.

« Do you have free space around your company and do you want to see how you can fill in that space with more ecological value? Then a Green Scan is interesting, » Hermans explains. « Together with our experts, we examine the possibilities and the actions to be taken to create a biodiverse piece of greenery in your available space, which you can use to your advantage and which is often a lot easier to maintain.

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  1. It fits into your sustainability strategy and can serve as compensation ‘in the last mile’.
  2. As a company, you can certainly use it to strengthen your reputation.
  3. The forest gets your own name and Forest Fwd provides you with nice images for your social media post.
  4. Of course it is also an interesting incentive for your personnel or marketing campaigns.
  1. The forest will be planted close to home, not on the other side of the world.
  2. No burden, you are completely relieved! 7. In all sizes and weights. And affordable, too.
  3. In all sizes and weights. And affordable, too.
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