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How will you maintain this top position in the coming years?

As Coca-Cola, we will continue to listen to our consumers while staying true to our values. Our consumers are our inspiration and they are at the centre of our campaign development.The values we stand for are universal and speak to all our consumers. Values such as optimism, diversity and inclusion, the pleasure of being together and sharing and enjoying simple pleasures. And we also have local roots that allow us to create a more intimate relationship with our consumers.

For example, our partnership with the Red Devils, local influencers and taking a stand on events in Belgium such as supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.Today’s consumers expect more from a brand than just beautiful advertising. They expect a stand and a brand that is willing to invest in long-term sustainability, and that’s what we do.

Since the health crisis, how have you adapted to your consumers’ expectations? 

The coronavirus epidemic is an unprecedented crisis that affects society as a whole, but also each individual. What has become very clear over the months is that this battle cannot be won alone. It is only by working together and showing solidarity that we will emerge stronger from this period.

Coca-Cola has been operating in Belgium for more than 90 years, so we also wanted to make a contribution to the local communities. At the beginning of the pandemic, we suspended our marketing activities to redirect our energy and resources on the aspects that were most needed at that time, i.e., 1) Strengthening the safety and well-being of our employees; 2) Close contact with our customers; 3) Making a difference in our communities - we donated $500,000 through The Coca-Cola Foundation to the Red Cross in Belgium.

Then, in August 2020, we launched “Open Like Never Before”, the first brand campaign since the advent of the Covid-19 that has so changed the world in so many ways. With “Open, More Than Ever”, Coca-Cola wanted to encourage everyone in these difficult times and inspire people to look at the world in a different, more open & positive way. Our campaigns have followed on from this in the same philosophy with “Open to Better” and now “Open that Coca-Cola”.

Coca-Cola has the highest score in its sector for the “Cross-Selling Potential” factor.  Is it important for you to offer a diverse range of products?

In 2017, we launched our “Total Beverage Company” strategy which means, in other words, offering choice, a drink for everyone at every moment of consumption.So it’s great news that our consumers are enjoying our wide range of products with or without sugar, sparkling or non sparkling, with tea, or juice or just water.

You have a real relationship of trust with your consumers and have had for years.   

Our consumers know us, appreciate the quality of our product and can enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola anywhere in the world.

In addition, we have always been true to our values, and our values resonate with society. We share our values through our campaigns and when we take a stand for the LGBTQ+ community and against racism.

You score 99% in awareness. How do you manage to stay so modern/cool with the different generations?

Our campaigns convey universal messages of respect, sharing, mutual aid, benevolence and positivism. In addition, our teams are aware of trends and incorporate elements that speak to young people in each of our campaigns, such as kick-shuffle, dance and face challenge.We also use the right communication channels such as social networks and influencers. The #CokeAmbassadors were one of the first crews to represent a brand.

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