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As a leader in the food category, how do you intend to maintain your position in the future?

By investing even more in important themes for our society and consumers, such as Local (including our local milk & the cooperation with Hoogstraten), Health and the Environment (including switching packaging to rPET, focus on CO2). For example, the Light&Free brand recently took a first step, switching to 30% rPET, and we have a clear roadmap towards circular packaging..

Your Share of Wallet score is very high, but your competitors outrank you in terms of Share of Soul. How do you plan to improve the emotional contact with your customers?

By establishing a link between our families using the “From our Family to Yours” platform: from the dairy farmers with whom we work to the kitchen table of Belgian families. We will step up our efforts even more with a new campaign starting this month.

Have your consumers’ expectations changed in 2020? And if yes, how did you respond?

They have indeed changed enormously. We find that there is more demand for both very healthy yoghurts & drinks and more indulgent products; the extremes of the spectrum. There is more emphasis on Local and Sustainability too. People want honest stories and companies that roll up their sleeves together to achieve real change. For example, we have launched several Nutriscore A products, we deepened our local roots in Belgium with investment in our ‘Factory of the Future’ in Rotselaar and collaboration with Hoogstraten and we have taken a big step towards more sustainable yoghurt pots.

What is your strategy for rejuvenating your target group?

Danone products are for everyone, our goal is not necessarily to recruit a younger target audience. At the same time, we are looking at options to launch new healthy products, with a positive Nutriscore, for families with children. In addition, we are targeting a younger target group with Danio and Light & Free, and with our recently-launched HiPro brand for active athletes.

Sustainability is an important topic today. Which initiatives are you taking to become a more sustainable company?

As a B Corp-certified company, we strive to have a positive impact on the community, people and the environment, set out in our Articles of Association. For example, we continuously work to improve our portfolio to market healthier products (e.g., the launch of NAS products or the reduction of sugar by 12% in the last 8 years). Thanks to Nutriscore, we help consumers to make healthier choices.

“People want honest stories and companies that roll up their sleeves together to achieve real change.”

When it comes to the environment, we focus on 4 pillars. Our plant in Rotselaar plays a pioneering role in this respect, and this was recognised by the Factory of the Future Award that it was recently awarded:

Sustainability also relates to our food heroes, our people. Every Danone employee holds a share in the company and every year he or she gives his or her opinion about the priorities of the past and future. At Danone, parents receive additional benefits when a child is born or adopted: 3 additional weeks of paid maternity leave, 2 weeks of fully paid parental leave for the second parent and 10 additional weeks of adoption leave.

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