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How will you maintain that first place in the coming years?

Martini is more than 150 years old, yet we evolve and innovate along with our consumers and their expectations - and we want to stay ‘ahead of the game’. We have been doing this for 150 years and we will continue to do so. What makes us different is that we are a family, and we are very passionate about our products. The quality and craftsmanship of our products is always paramount. In Pessione, Italy, where our vermouth is made, we have a master blender with years of experience who guarantees and watches that every Martini bottle maintains exactly the same high standard of taste and quality.

We are very proud of our products, and we want to maintain our leadership position in the coming years, both in vermouth and in the new non-alcoholic category.

We continue to innovate and there is still a lot to come. We can even reveal that we are introducing a new ‘Ready to Serve’ at this very moment, just for the Belgian market! We are a global brand, but it is very important for us to be locally relevant. We listen to our consumers and monitor trends, and on the basis of this we will launch a few strong innovations this summer.  

Based on extensive market research, we are now introducing a new reduced-sugar flavour alongside the successful Martini Bellini. Martini Limoni, a delicious sparkling wine with hints of lemon to enjoy this summer at the beach or on a terrace, a deliciously refreshing aperitif that immediately transports you to an idyllic spot in Italy.

You score best compared to other very popular brands, what makes you different according to them?

First of all, I would like to say how very happy & proud I am with this result! Martini is an icon and a love brand in Belgium but it’s mainly thanks to the focus & perfect execution, day in day out, of the entire team that we can receive the Best Brand award today! We are a global brand, but we will always listen to our consumers first to understand their world, needs and cultural nuances.  Our motto is ‘Consumer at the Heart’ - for us, the consumer is at the center, we always try to look at things from their perspective first. So we don’t sell bottles, we build and sell moments and drinks. And the great thing about Martini is that we have a Martini for every occasion. Martini Fiero is very easy to make, 50/50 with tonic, a great natural aperitif on a summer terrace with friends, a negroni to relax on a Friday night after work with your partner, or Martini Non-Alcoholic for consumers who want to enjoy a non-alcoholic aperitif without compromising on taste or conviviality. For every occasion - everyday or festive, young and old - when we think of ‘aperitif’ Martini always plays a role. Martini has a rich history and today we are more relevant and modern than ever with a broad portfolio for every occasion, and with a beautiful, locally relevant pipeline of innovations.

You have been rated as the most innovative brand in the top 3 alcoholic beverage category. Can you tell us more about your innovation goals?   

Martini is part of the Bacardi Group, but what many people don’t know is that Bacardi is the largest family-owned spirits company, which gives us room to invest on a long-term basis with a long-term vision. And because of the family aspect, doing ‘the right thing’ is super important to us.

For a number of years, Belgians have been wanting to drink “less but better” and we have been responding to this for some time with aperitif drinks that are lower in alcohol such as our Fiero & Tonic, Bellini and the Rossini.  As with beer, the trend is now moving from “low” to “no” alcohol.  Consumers are increasingly looking for a drink that contains no alcohol but is still mature.  

We are now meeting that demand with our Vibrante and Floreale, available in-store since this year. In response to the convenience trend that has been going strong since Covid, we are now also adding a ready-to-drink version in cans for picnics in the park, and on-the-go moments this summer!

We are very proud of Martini Non-Alcoholic, our biggest innovation of the past year. A lot of expertise and R&D has been invested to make the typical ‘Martini notes’ clearly recognizable and to avoid creating a product that resembles a premium soft drink. We offer consumers a dignified and unique alcohol-free aperitif without compromising on taste or conviviality. The first results of our entry into the non-alcoholic category are phenomenal and confirm the consumer demand and quest for a quality aperitif.

So yes, Martini exists for more than 150 years but today we show more than ever to be a relevant and modern brand with some strong innovations on the way! The best is yet to come.

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