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Spring has arrived, and even though we probably won’t travel far in these times, we can still enjoy  some days off. But there is no question of leaving our most loyal companions to fend on their own of course! Here are some tips about petsitters and pet-friendly hotels to fully relax on holiday with your two or four-legged companions.


Find a trusted petsitter

If your family or friends cannot take care of Lucky or Milou, you will need to find a place in a pension for animals. You should know that they often are fully booked for months, and most certainly during holidays period.But don’t worry! Many other solutions are possible, like leaving your dog with a trusted petsitter, whether at your home or hers/his. Letting your pet stay at home is really convenient because that way, your pets will not feel out of place. Moreover, the petsitter can guard your house during your absence and carry out useful activities, like watering the plants. You can easily find trusted petsitters in your neighbourhood on mopets.comBut, if like half the Belgians, you prefer travelling with your pet(s), here is some advice on how to find an accommodation that will accept pets.

Pet friendly hotels

More and more hotels show that they are “pet-friendly”, but how pet-friendly are they really? If they accept pets, there will certainly be an extra amount to be paid. Most of them are limiting the number of animals that you can bring with you and their weight. Others allow only one kind of pet, like dogs. And if you decide to disregard the rules and bring your cat, you will be liable to a fine.

So, when you travel with your pet, ask the hotel of your choice for their rules in terms of welcoming animals. For example, you will want to know if the hotel requires your pet to be guarded for the entire duration of your stay. Or whether it imposes your animal to be constantly kept on a leash.

Even the most “pet-friendly” hotels can ask owners not to allow their pet to sleep on furniture or on the bed. Most hotels provide sheets to place on furniture or to cover the bed, so that the animal can freely relax beside his owner or elsewhere.

Generally, all hotels have areas reserved for animals to relieve themselves. Some of them even have open playing areas, which the whole family can enjoy.

When you book a stay in a hotel which accepts animals on their website, it is recommended to call and confirm that the website’s information is up to date and that animals are indeed welcome. Hotels can change owners or rules, without updating their conditions on their website. There are strong chances that more than a traveller went to a pet-friendly hotel just to find out that pets were not welcome anymore!

Nancy Delhalle is the CMO of Serviceplan and the founder and CEO of Mopets, an online community for pet lovers

In summary

Most pet-friendly hotels have the same basics requirements:

In Brussels and in many other European cities, while browsing on, you can easily find a trustful petsitter, a careful groomer or even a list of veterinarians on call.

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