Let’s celebrate Belgium’s Best Brands of 2021

It’s that time of the year again. March. Each year, when spring is in the air, Serviceplan is preparing its famous Best Brands Awards Show.


In normal non-COVID times, male colleagues of Serviceplan prepare their once-a-year-worn tuxedo, and lady-colleagues prepare their most beautiful cocktail dresses, in order to rise and shine on the Best Brands gala-evening. This year, for a second time in a row, we had to re-think (a term I will elaborate later in this edito) our celebration of the Best Brands in Belgium, this time in a ‘LIVE’ TV show that will be broadcasted on the internet on the 20th of April. Scan your mailbox for the invitation and mark your calendars!

This year’s Best Brands edition, without surprises, nominates the Best Brands in 21 vertical sectors, and like always it is the Belgian consumer who decides who are the winners. Once again, more then 5.000 households on the Belgian soil judged in an online survey - conducted by our partner Gfk - approximately 350 most relevant brands in the Belgian market. The result is that we have 21 winners in their respective vertical markets, and 2 particular winners in 2 special rankings.

The first specific ranking is the overall ranking of the Best Product Brand, which lines up all 350 brands in one big Belgian ranking, which is the mother of all other rankings, and this regardless of the vertical sector the brands are belonging to. Let’s say that the winner of the Best Product Brand category, is THE Best Brand of Belgium, the absolute number one Brand of the Belgian consumer.

The second ranking is a purely thematic category. COVID, but also recent developments in consumer behaviour have learnt us that households are more and more sensible to the “sustainability” topic. Sustainability does not only contain the ecological sustainability according to which a brand can perform, but it can also be translated in relevance or meaningfulness from a consumer’s point of view.

Also, in this Best Sustainable Brand Category in this year’s Best Brands, we see that brands who have made serious efforts in the field of relevance, meaningfulness and “carbon-free or low-carbon” operations, find themselves among the winners in this ranking. In some ways, this is only a further development of a situation which we saw already emerging some years ago and which is called the “empowered” consumer. Brands are no longer deciding for the consumer what is important. The emancipated, opinioned consumer defines which brand is relevant to him or her and which brand is no longer so. Younger generations of consumers, with more pronounced opinions on participative business and society, are only reinforcing the importance of sustainability in becoming a Best Brand.

Best Brands 2021 announces itself as such, as an edition with traditional “usual suspects” but also with surprising new kids on the block. So, we’ll keep the suspense until the 20th of April, don’t miss it. See you then.

Enjoy the read!

Peter Vande Graveele
CEO Serviceplan Group Benelux
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