Our House is a House of Data


Our House is a House of Data. What does that mean? Well, very simple, data is everywhere in our House of Communication. Data has become the glue of what we are producing in a multidisciplinary way in our agency. It is the glue that unites somewhere the different experts, developing ÜberCreative solutions for our clients. It is not only the glue, data is a kind of foundation for every expertise center. Customer strategies are based on relevant insights and these insights are the result of combining different data sets in a relevant way. This is the way we build relevant marketing communications and branding strategies for our clients.

A good example of using relevant data in setting up brand strategies for our clients is our yearly recurrent Best Brand Survey. We are collecting data from more than 5.000 households thanks to our partnership with GfK, who is conducting this survey. GfK collects data of the 350 most relevant brands in the Belgian market, in the field of brand awareness, brand experience, or the relationship consumers have with these brands. All these data are combined and put into 2 main sets of KPI’s which we call “share of wallet” and “share of soul”. Our best brands survey is a good example of how we transform raw data into relevant insights and how we use them to build stronger and better brands.  

Relevant data is also used to set up and to optimise the customer journey of our clients. Brands have multiple touchpoints and different stages in their customer journey. It is super important thanks to advertising technology to measure impact and collect data in all these stages of the customer journey. All these relevant data will be used afterwards to increase the customer experience with the concerned brands.

Our media agency, Mediaplus, is no longer simply a media buying company. Our customer’s media strategy is defined based on the broader KPI’s of the brand, and the media strategy is optimised thanks to the relevant use of data. Consent marketing is, of course, the new trend all brands and agencies have to follow, as a result of the latest European Privacy legislation. Brands and agencies who want to do meaningful marketing are preparing what we call the “post-cookie age”. This means that marketeers and brand specialists need to shift their media approach from third party data (data collected through mainly use of cookies through third party platforms and websites) to first party data. First party data are data that the brand owns itself and that the brand has acquired thanks to a decent and meaningful data collection philosophy. First party data is not only more reliable, in terms of quality but also in terms of return on investment or return on marketing.  

And last but not least, data is used nowadays to feed the best of our Übercreative campaigns. I hope you enjoy the case of the “International melting flags” further on in this e-news. Modern creativity and innovation (what we call ÜberCreativity) makes use of data and technology in order to lift up the level of relevance in the creative campaigns for our clients. You see…Data is everywhere, in our House of Communication. Enjoy the read !

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