Discover the story of your workplace through data

Imagine having easy access to all key metrics from micro-operations to large-scale company goals at the tip of your fingers! With end-to-end data integration solutions, you can arguably transform into a data hub and thereby morph into data generators and not just data consumers.


We can think of data as the hidden force that permeates throughout a company’s departments, individuals, and products. It is only when we acquire the tools to help us map the data generated throughout the agency that we can fully understand “the story” of your workplace. For example, with proper data integration tools, we can “knit together” team performance data with financial performance data. We can then extract insights that were otherwise hidden. Better yet, we can see how individual performance affects total performance.  Because, just like the human body, your company’s performance is affected by the performance of the smallest cell up to the largest organ (our brain of course ;) )

More concretely, each department could potentially feed in its daily dose of data to the manager’s dashboard. Some interesting metrics might be:

After collecting the necessary data with the proper granularity, we can start the process of trying to find correlations and building models. Naturally, different data sets are expected to require different models to properly portray them. Therefore, a model selection algorithm can be run automatically on each data set, and the model with the highest accuracy would be chosen for the given data. Neural Networks are capable of understanding nuances in data given that we have sufficiently large datasets. The” dashboard of the future” might also contain a functionality that would be able to extrapolate performance metrics based on the current ones so that we swiftly act upon them.

The management team will then have the full capability to make data-aware decisions that will accelerate growth and even mitigate losses even before they happen! It’s just like looking into the future! However, it’s always crucial to emphasize the importance of human judgement and “gut feeling”. Machines cannot, and will never, be able to mimic the complexity of humans’ sixth sense and creativity. A machine will only create or predict what is essentially human-generated. It is up to us, to innovate and create.  When we successfully merge the two worlds, the data-driven and the experience worlds, we will be able make the best data-driven hunches.

What is the fine line, you might ask, between achieving data integration while maintaining individual privacy (see Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: The Scandal and the Fallout So Far Well, this remains a hot topic of debate to this date. It is therefore up to us to decide how to achieve this balance.

You never know, we might find a correlation between office toilet paper consumption and overall performance (just kidding there, one wouldn’t monitor how much toilet paper is used, or will they?)

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