Best cases: When Serviceplan showed Galbani’s Italian roots

Galbani is the number one cheese brand in Italy. But that wasn’t really a well-known factor in Belgium last year. So, as the brand enjoyed a good amount of awareness but wasn’t always first choice, Galbani and Serviceplan teamed up to highlight the brand’s differentiating factor, what truly sets it apart from its private label counterparts: its Italian roots…


Our challenge was to make the brand the number one choice for consumers. Even though Galbani enjoys good awareness, data showed that many consumers confused Galbani with their competitors, as many copied their packaging. Most of the consumers also knew Galbani essentially for its hero product, the mozzarella, though the brand offers a varied range of other products.

Galbani and Serviceplan thus decided to put the Galbani brand back at the centre of its communication.To do this, we set out to reach as many people as possible through an awareness campaign.

How ? By highlighting Galbani’s undebatable reason to believe, which is being the number one sold mozzarella in Italy. If Italians hold it dear to their hearts, then that has to mean something. Galbani is the only player able to claim it, other private labels cannot compete with the brand.

We showed Galbani’s Italian roots by combining emotional benefits (Dolce Vita) with strong brand identifiers (visual recognition) and unique buying points (n°1 Choice in Italy).


We reached 2.322.956 people, thus reaching 62% of the Belgians between 25-49 years old and we managed to have an engagement rate of 4,68% (compared to 3.22% industry average).

Through this campaign, we made people remember the Italian roots of Galbani and the good things related to it: the beauty of the Italian landscapes, the food, the dolce vita. And thanks to Galbani, this small bite of Italy is available at home.


Client: Lactalis – Galbani
Lead Agency: Serviceplan
Account Manager: Augustin Ide
Account Director: Yaël Rouach
Digital Agency: Plan.Net
Production: Solutions

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