Best cases: When Serviceplan felt “lucky” with Shell

It was during the Covid context that Shell launched its new summer campaign “Lucky Numbers” together with Serviceplan. The campaign aimed to bring a touch of light-heartedness to a driver’s journey. The idea: make the simple act of filling up your tank more fun.


Because of the reduced traffic at gas stations due to the lockdown and the increase in price sensitivity among consumers due to the financial crisis brought by Covid19, Shell and Serviceplan saw the necessity in attarcting people to fill up their tanks at Shell gas stations in the summer of 2020.

From 13 July up until 30 September 2020, a key number related to the activities of Shell – such as the amount of European countries covered by the brand’s electric recharging stations, or the number of wind turbines constructed in partnership with the brand -   was revealed at the start of each month. That number represented the amount which customers needed to match their fill-up with. Every day, a free refuel of that amount could be won.

Shell added another level of innovation by bringing a technological dimension to the process of participating: to try their luck, the customer has to make use of a smartphone. A QR code, visible on the on-site posters, redirected them to a web app which immediately verified the legitimacy of the ticket. Via that same app, each participant received a coupon for a water bottle made from recycled plastic.

Lucky Numbers: 35,00

For this campaign, in addition to animations for digital billboards all across the stations, more than 160 print supports were developed in different formats and adapted into multiple languages (Dutch, French and German, as well as multiple bilingual versions) for all Shell and Shell Express service stations throughout Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

“Given the tense context – both emotionally and economically – our strategy consisted in putting a smile on our valued customers’ faces by making the process of filling up a little bit more fun as well as putting a tangible and achievable prize in perspective.”

Pol Christophory, Managing Director Country Chair Representative SHELL Luxembourg

The campaign enjoyed some press coverage, together with radio presence through spots for the Dutch part of the country and an integration of the concept within popular programs, for which a unique jingle was created. To top it all off, there was a partnership with the Carbu website and the WAZE app.
By playing on human tendencies, in this case the act of trying to spice up mundane tasks by gamifying them, Shell and Serviceplan managed to attract people to the gas stations.

From start to finish, the whole campaign was able to benefit from the expert coordination of the different agencies gathered in the ecosystem of the Serviceplan Group, known as the House of Communication (HoC): Serviceplan took care of strategy, creation and project management; Plan.Net oversaw the UX design for the campaign’s webpage; Mediaplus and Mediascale were in charge of media strategy.


Client: Shell
Contact: Wim Detobel - Shell Express Manager Belgium / Pol Christophory - Managing Director, Country
Chair Representative Luxembourg
Agency: Serviceplan
Account Director: Yaël Rouach
Account Executive: Magali de Potter
Strategic Planner: Dimitri Lemonias
Creative Director: Quentin Watelet
Creation: Alexandre Grevesse, Louis Roba
Graphic Design: Benjamin Gaspart, Denis Roumegoux, Lionel Petit
Motion Design: Sergio Menendez
Media: Mediaplus, Mediascale, Mediacom

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