Best cases: When Serviceplan and Aïki brought the festivals to your home

Summertime is the period where you get to relax and to have fun. The time to go out, to enjoy the sun, to travel, to meet friends and family, and to go to the famous festivals all around Belgium. But of course, because of Covid, all of that became impossible last year. So what did Aïki and Serviceplan say? “If people can’t go to the festivals, the festivals will go to them” …

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During the summertime of 2020, mass summer events like festivals were still out of the question. But Aïki, by now a landmark amongst food brands on festival terrains and campings, didn’t let that discourage them. Together with Serviceplan, they introduced the concept of home festivals. No matter how many friends were legally allowed to come together, Aïki made sure that the festival feeling didn’t get lost in the current environment.

Aïki kicked off by shooting 4 social media videos to boost awareness for the campaign. For the rest of the summer, a series of contests took place entirely on the Aïki Facebook page. Per contest, one participant won their very own home festival provided by Aïki, featuring a DJ from Code16.
The brand also gave advice on how to create your own DJ set, on what you absolutely need to camp in your garden, and more. This way, Aïki and Serviceplan were able to bring the festivals home.

The idea of the campaign and the material were all conceived by Serviceplan. Interested in promoting your brand in a creative way? Contact us so that we can share our ideas.

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