Why you need more than ever a blog and a content strategy in 2021.

Seth Godin calls content marketing “the only marketing left” because it fulfills our generations’ consumption of the web. But that consumption is evolving! Does it make content and blog strategy less relevant? Au contraire!

Deep dive

This article will explain the key points to focus in 2021 to stay on top of the wave or embrace a blog strategy that is still at the center of a marketing plan.
In recent years, strong online presence has depended on a proactive blogging approach. Nowadays, you see less articles pop up on your news feeds when you turn on your screen or look at your mobile phone. Instead, videos, photos, and graphics ambush you. It is natural to wonder: is it still important to entertain a blog? While there has been a diversification of the channels used to communicate with your client base, it is not yet time to discredit a content strategy that includes a blog.

Search intent and result focus

The content competition is so high right now that you need a way to stand ahead of it! If your content is easier to read and focused on the desired results for the readers, you may have a winning recipe.

There are four types of web searches:

Although this has been common knowledge for long now, new BERT ( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) changes to Google’s algorithms have brought search intent as key focus during content creation.

Basically, since Google can now identify the type of search and intent a user is performing, the search engine is now prepared to point searchers to the most relevant results.
More than ever businesses that include SEO in their strategy need to create useful content. And this is easier than you could expect! The result lies at the intersection of what brings a solution for your customers’ needs and your company’s profit!

Having more detailed content, or pillar pages as we call them, on your public website will help you to create a community around your service for a simple reason:
Google is getting better and better at providing the right content to its customers. This suggests that whether you’re making content that isn’t beneficial to the reader or is excessively self-promoting, it will succeed for a while, but the returns may decline sooner than you would think. Consider then writing blog posts that blend entertaining content and industry trends.

Even if you don’t personally understand a product, a business blog that emphasizes on helping readers will demonstrate your company’s level of expertise. If your brand is seen to be thoroughly aware about your business, readers can consider that your products have also been produced by your industry experts.

Lead generation magnet

The performance of your company depends on your clients and revenues. Although you could pay a fortune on ads, blogging is an inexpensive and efficient way to boost your sales and lead. In general, companies that emphasize blogging will see ROI as much as 13 times higher. Additionally, companies posting regularly see an uplift in received leads of +67% in a month.

With millions of blog posts published every day, consumers turn to respectable blogs and websites to get informed about their needs and to influence their buying decisions. Research reveals that 1 out of 2 buyers read 3 to 5 pieces of content before they engage with a sales person. On top, information on blog posts have influenced almost two thirds of purchases according to recent research.

By addressing pain points of people looking for advices on products and services online, you can orient their opinion and convince customers. If your content is the right one at the right time, your bottom line could be positively impacted by those new customers convinced by your offering.

To meet new consumers, we all know word-of-mouth is important. Blogging offers another way to widen your presence in the world, in addition to small talk with friends and colleagues. Quality blog posts among your customers generate sharable content.

With half the planet now present on social media, each user generated content such as likes, comments, shares will build your presence and help you being found by people you may not have tried to target before. This won’t only help you generate more leads, but this will set you as an authority and recognized brand within industries, for a long-term establishment and an online reputation on and off search engines.

Voice search and smart devices

The smart devices is another key that will push content marketing: The use of voice chat is rising exponentially. It is widely believed that within a few months, 50 percent of all web searches will be carried out by voice chats.

Currently, most smart devices accurately and correctly answer about 6 out of 10 queries. Although this is partially due to the fact that the technology is getting better at it, there is another factor within your influence.

On voice search-proof field, brands are only beginning to refine their content. So if you can do so before your competitors, your content is more likely to be cited out of the smart devices of your audience.

For that, you need to understand how voice searches are performed by consumers. What is typed in text would be way different than what is said or asked.  Understanding these slight differences can allow you to create more effective headlines within your content and concentrate on more specific long-tail keywords.

You will also obtain much more insight into the sort of data and content they are searching for by digging into the voice questions your audience performs. In essence, this will help you not only customize your current voice-SEO content, but also, overall, guide your potential content creation initiatives.

Quality content for authority on topics

Google algorithms nowadays don’t only look at the quality of a single page in order to rank it. This page is now included within its contextualized environment, being its whole website. Google is able to rate not only the page but the quality of global website when considering the request of a user.

Over the last decade, numerous algorithm changes have been published by Google to down rank content that does not conform with its requirements. BERT update was introduced by the search engine in 2019, impacting 1 in 10 search queries.

It is based on a neural network approach for natural language processing. Fundamentally, to have more accurate results, it helps Google to better understand the meaning of terms in searches. Although you can’t actually tailor the content for BERT, the value of making quality content is further stressed.

There are other aspects that affect the popularity of your blog post, such as its length, in addition to addressing a subject of importance. In 2019, the average blog article was about a thousand words long. However, top-ranking ranges around 1.200 words. If you prefer to concentrate on shorter topics, since longer content produces almost 9 times more leads, you may want to rethink your approach.

Image source: https://backlinko.com/hub/seo/snippets

Higher ranking and Rich snippets

In addition to the standard list of search results, Google also provides more detail inside the first results page when evaluating search purpose. The Snippet is one of the most frequent widgets. Snippets, which appear at the top of search results pages, offer a short summary of the key points inside a content.

Ranking well on Google, and above competition, is every business’s goal. There are various components, such as the quality of your backlinks and your social media presence, to create the perfect mix for success. Valuable content is another required ingredient. What better way than via a blog to have fresh and accurate content?

About 4 times more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links are created thanks to blogging. Each content gives your company the ability to win a Google position. The more accurate the content and promotion plan, the more likely you are to achieve a higher ranking on your keywords. Ideally, you want to land inside the top 10 search results because 3/4 of clicks to a website are created from the first page.

In comparison, search results are more dynamic than ever, and in 2021 digital brands will have a far more mature marketing strategy than ever before. So, you’re going to fail if you deliver disappointing content that reflects on you and not your readers.

Including other media for blog posts is even more crucial than ever: photos, video and audio help draw audiences and truly engage them in the content. Writing valuable, insightful, media-rich content is a methodology that requires practice.

Set a refresh of your blog strategy today!

If you remain consistent in your content production, blogging offers immediate benefits for your website and your business. To help the business grow in 2021, a creative plan offers a win / win situation. If your blogging technique has been standing still for long, it’s time to make it a top priority.

While running with one successful style of content can be fantastic, the blogs with the most credibility and highest growth also have a combination of content that entertains or updates readers, makes them aware of you and your offerings, or teaches them something different. There is a strong possibility that a combination would intrigue and meet many different groups’ reading needs.

To learn more about how to drive internet users to your blog, schedule a call with one of our team members, storytellers and copywriters!

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