Meet Serviceplan’s new talents

We’re proud of our company. Serviceplan managed to not only close the fiscal year in a stable position, but also to hire talents in the midst of a global crisis. Convinced by House of Communication’s strong performances but also by the agency life it offers, these are the colleagues who joined our team in the last couple of months…


Nadia Abbès – our Office Manager responsible for HOC’s agency life

Nadia is the person who makes all of our lives simpler at work. She ensures that we have everything we need to be productive at work and to enjoy being at the agency. Thanks to her, our offices are always pleasant to be in, and our minds and bodies stay healthy - thanks to the walks, fruit baskets, diverse activities and biking facilities she puts at our disposal in the office.  
Nadia is also in charge of our upcoming Co-Working Space project, in which we will rent our offices, studio, kitchen and meeting rooms to external parties.
Take a look at our Serviceplan offices she takes care of:

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Antonin Jousson – Our Python Developer at Mediascale

Antonin has travelled all over the world, but now he and his pet rabbit Stitch have decided to settle in Brussels. He joins Mediascale, our agency for data and programmatic, as a Python Developer.

Antonin is committed to delivering best-in-class tailor-made solutions, in line with the specific needs of each client.

A picture of Stitch, the rabbit:

Bilal Bounour – Our Full Stack Developer at Plan.Net and Mediascale

Bilal started his journey earlier this year as an intern at Plan.Net, our digital agency. We were so impressed with his diverse skills and the energy and positive vibes he brings to the office every day that we wanted to extend the partnership, and offered him a permanent  position at Plan.Net and Mediascale. Through Bilal, the two agencies enlarge their skills-set with a new Full-Stack Developer.

Dinahlee Cameriere – Our L’Oréal specialist at Solutions

Just like Bilal, Dinahlee started her career at House of Communication earlier this year, albeit as a student. Her talent as a graphic designer and her easy-going personality impressed us and we didn’t hesitate in offering her to officially join our team at Solutions, our production agency.

At 22, Dinahlee is our youngest recruit and works essentially for L’Oréal as a graphic designer. Besides this, she’s also a talented painter

Meet Dinahlee’s colleagues, the Solutions team:

Abbass Nassereddine – our Data Scientist at Mediascale

Abbas is all about numbers and as a French/Lebanese Data Analyst and Engineer, he’s thoroughly invested in telling stories from data.

Being one the latest talents to join Mediascale, all the way from Lebanon, he’s worked for EA Games, the UN and has worked in Dubaï and Spain. Now, he strengthens our team at House of Communication as a Data Scientist.

Through him, Mediascale optimizes engineering and business applications and puts Abbas’ skills to good use in practical and multi-faceted projects.

Cédric D’Haeseleer - Our Programmatic Advertising Manager at Mediascale

Passionate about entrepreneurship and with more than 5 years of experience in digital media and programmatic advertising, Cédric joined Mediascale last month to strengthen our programmatic advertising skills.

He is the third Italian-speaking talent to join the cosmopolitan team of Mediascale, and his hobbies include sports, music and videogames.

Valerie van Delft – Our Client Service Director at HOC

Last but not least, Valérie joins us as our brand new Client Service Director. Born in Bruges, she studied in flemish but lives in Wallonia with her husband, 2 children and her cat, which makes her a true half & half Belgian. She loves electric biking, walking and cooking.

Her impressive 20-year experience in advertising, her generous and open-minded personality, and the fact that we have biking space, a kitchen and parcs nearby our offices, make her a perfect fit for our House of Communication.

Nadia, Antonin, Dinahlee, Bilal, Abbas, Cédric and Valérie, we wish you all a very warm welcome to the Serviceplan family!

Take a look at our Diversity Claim. At Serviceplan, anyone is welcome.

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