Graphical trends in 2021

Solutions has identified for you the 10 graphic trends to follow for 2021.
2020 has been an atypical year, during which companies have had to adapt quickly and respond to their customers’ needs, thanks to technology and design.
As graphics are constantly evolving, these trends are brought to you to inspire you, broaden your horizons and stimulate your imagination. Let’s continue to innovate in 2021!


1. 3D design

The trend is to design incredibly realistic visuals that bring digital closer to reality, combining for example photography and illustration. 3D design offers a wide range of possibilities and remains an excellent way for brands to stand out and capture attention.
Here are a few examples.

Design by

Design by Serviceplan Belgium

2. The emoji design

For a long time reserved to teenagers and popular culture, emoticons invade our lives by interfering in our professional relationships, in fashion, in movies and even in politics. It is estimated that there are about a billion of them today, and 6 billion are sent out every day!
Emojis bring subtlety to our language, a second degree and make our statements more expressive. This new form of language has not failed to inspire designers who will use them in 2021 in different styles and forms.
Here are a few examples.

Design by

Design by

3. Organic design

Over the last ten years or so, a trend towards nature-oriented design has been gaining ground. In the minimalist style, we find softer colours, more natural tones and lights, more sober gradients and more fluid shapes,…

Design by

4. Optical illusion

It is incredible to see how simple elements create extraordinary effects that draw our attention as if we were totally hypnotized by them. If you want to differentiate your brand and generate a “wow” effect, then this type of design is worth considering.

Design by

Design by

5. 3D typography

Already a trend in 2020, 3D typography is not going to disappear any time soon. The most popular typography in 2020 will be transformed into ultra-realistic lettering, with organic and geometric shapes, which will give us the impression that we can touch them.

Design by

6. Cartoon Illustration

Character illustration is excellent for creating a creative and playful personalized style for your campaigns. Available in all its forms, this graphic universe speaks to everyone without exception, because everyone has a childlike part hidden within themselves.

Design by Serviceplan Campaign International

Design by Sergio Menendez, Solutions Belgium

7. Gold Design

The metallic style will become ultra-trendy in 2021. Various metallic looks such as silver, brass and lead are successfully used, but gold still dominates. Matte, glossy, reflective, embossed, striped or engraved, gold will also be used in combination with other materials which will offer interesting contrasts.

Design by

8. Voxel art design

A voxel is a 3D cube, which basically represents a 2D pixel. Already present in many video games such as Minecraft, it has an instantly recognizable style, almost like lego blocks. The design is very graphic, with a look that is both childlike and retro. The result is a very modern and contemporary style.

Design by

9. Mono & Duo tone design

The idea of a very limited palette of one or two colours has been around for some time in today’s design. This gives a rather striking effect and allows the viewer to have a more simplified visual.

Design by Serviceplan Munich

Design by

10. Geometrical design

This trend has also existed for some time but is expected to reach its peak in 2021. This style plays with individual forms to create complex shapes and images. A cool and remarkable way to represent images.

Design by

Design by

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