Serviceplan Benelux would like to welcome you all to a new era of newsletters... just kidding. We are launching just another newsletter, but we are pretty confident that your eyes will be riveted on them every time you’ll hear your inbox chiming. Published on a monthly basis both digitally and printed, this newsletter is our way to open up to the world to show you what’s been up lately with Serviceplan Benelux. Every month we will reveal the behind the scenes of our agency, the latest work we did for our clients, as well as our areas of expertise in the form of selected themes that will be examined. These themes  will be investigated from a number of perspectives including articles, infographics, videos, employee portraits, etc. So without further ado and in order to get rid of any suspense, let’s get into our first topic which is none other than data.

Let’s get it out of the way; data is the new oil and it is easy to see why all the businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.

As for Serviceplan, data is part of our DNA. Mediascale, Serviceplan’s research sub-agency made of PhD data scientists constantly provide us with consumer insights which form the basis of our strategic decisions. Their expertise will also be the cornerstone of our soon-to-come platform, namely House of Data. This knowledge platform which will come in the form of a booklet, videos, thematic lunches, and tailor made workshops. These will help you as a marketeer to better understand your consumers, create more accurate segmentation strategies, improve your touchpoint conversion, and generate cross and up-selling amongst other things. At the end of the day, data is not rocket science and we’re here to show you why.
One thing is for sure, we are serious about data. We know, however, that not everyone is, and that the world of data can sometimes be chaotic for a newcomer. This is why via this first of many newsletters to come, we will treat the subject in a digestible and unconventional way.
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