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By the end of the year, it's always with a bit of nostalgia that we look back at our achievement during a year that always flies by. 2020 will definitely come with it's own challenges and this year, our big data and media guru around the world got together and discussed predictions for this upcoming year.

Dominik Terruhn
Partner, Mediaplus
Digital Germany


Advertising as a highly effective advertising means will be brought to a whole new level from 2020 onwards. It will not only comprise digital platforms where video ads can be placed as today’s state-of-the-art integrated planning of TVCs – it will be boosted by the rise of mobile vertical video advertising on social platforms like Instagram & Co., new placement opportunities like IMDb by Amazon on Smart TVs (ad sales to be launched in Q1 2020) but in particular by the launch of Quibi, a completely new mobile platform (in Q2 2020, www.quibi.com) that will conquer smart phones with snackable Hollywood content (“quick bites”) and is expected to become a major player for the advertising industry


It has always been an important topic, but user-experience is nowadays more import than ever. The role of a brand is to manage the relationship with consumers from the first interaction to customer support — bottom-line building a strong bond to create customer delight. The objectives of an advertiser can’t be focused ‘simply’ to growth. Growth is the result of predicting trends and shaping the consumer’s behavior based on needs (data-driven marketing). Here is where technology can enhance decision-making and speed up the adaptation process; by being the owner of the data, enriching it, and (re-)activating it through the whole user journey. In the end, data-driven marketing is about owning and understanding the data you are producing.

Managing Partner,
Mediascale Benelux
Daniel montell
Head of digital,
Mediaplus Scandinavia


A longside all the buzz about how AI and machine learning can personalize and improve your ad campaigns, an increased need for holistic view on the entire customer experience will rise in 2020. How brands market themselves in paid media must align with how brands present themselves in their own channels. Adapted ad messages based on interest or specific needs are nothing new, but how brands continue that journey in their own channels with same adapted experience will be key to minimize the gaps in the entire customer journey. We will see new ways of working and new technologies to facilitate this in 2020.

ALexandre toshkov
Media director
Mediaplus Bulgaria


People have always been fascinated by moving images and video will continue to rule the world in 2020 and the years to come. While some audiences will still enjoy watching shows on TV sets, a growing number of people will prefer online video content. Therefore, the war of the streaming giants has just begun: Disney and Apple are now also entering the market and challenge established industry leaders like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the over-the-top subscription sports streaming service DAZN is about to disrupt the way we watch sports. For media professionals, the challenge will be knowing how to use video opportunities to full extent in targeting selected audiences and how to still reach those who exclusively use advertising-free streaming services

Alina zugelj pikalo
Managing director,
Mediaplus adria


A trend that will continue in 2020 will be videos created and posted by regular internet users. Technology now allows people to easily shoot and edit professional looking videos - all it takes is a smartphone. The last years saw the rise of short form video content on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Today, apps like TikTok are attracting new users rapidly because they offer easy and fast ways to create your own videos and share them with your friends and the world. Keeping in mind the impact celebrities from TV, cinema, music and sports have on masses, it is easy for general audience to follow suit and try to become influencers online, as well.


2020 will be the year when Asian eCommerce giants like Alibaba will start disruptingthe global eCommerce landscape – by offering not just online shopping but a whole ecosystem of services like digital payment, gaming, and voice assistants.We can already see the first signals today: traffic to Asian e-commerce sites has been increasing year on year in Hungary thanks to their competitive pricing and personalized ads. 58% of consumers have already tried foreign web shops at least once with half of total purchases coming from mobile devices.In 2020, local marketers need to rethink their online presence by focusing on retargeting, smart programmatic buying, and offering high quality products and excellent customer service

kata Molnar
Head of Digital,
Media Dynamics Hungary
Max Emanuel frick
Manager new business &
Strategy, Mediaplusinternational


In 2020, e-commerce will no longer only be about price and delivery speeds. Users want unique product experiences and to be inspired by trendsetters. Trendy new apps are now taking online shopping to the next level. How? By combining sales with live entertainment.For example, the app NTWRK broadcasts shoppable live shows featuring superstars like Billie Eilish and DJ Khaled where users can buy limited edition runs of products like sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles – all only available during each episode. Amazon did something similar on Twitch for this year’s Prime Day when they had dozens of Twitch streamers showcase the best deals on items throughout Prime Day. The hype is real, and people are already asking if this trend could be the QVC of the YouTube generation.

libby van meter
Brand strategy Manager , MODCO Mediaplus United States


We’ve been hearing about voice search for several years now as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google battle for dominance of the voice search market. Voice search is coming, but it’s not going to be of much use to advertisers – the existing channels are owned by Amazon and Google, who use the tech and data to direct customers where they want them to go (and often, that will be their own products and services). With U.S. adults spending more than 77 minutes per day on digital audio, there’s a very real present for advertisers to listen to when it comes to audio. As more and more consumers get into podcasts and acquaint themselves with digital radio, advertisers are rediscovering audio as a viable branding tool. What’s more, digital audio represents an opportunity to dust off playbooks and skillsets that may have long lain under-used, re-applying the lessons of traditional radio advertising to a new format.

Jose carlos gutierrez
Managing Partner , Alma Mediaplus Spain


It may not have been fully noticed by most people yet, but emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are increasingly affecting everyone’s day to day life. In 2020, Artificial Intelligence will be a key to improve efficiencies and drive better results in the automotive, banking, and communications industry. Data will be crucial for marketers to grow their brands, engage with audiences, and learn more about their customers. Media strategy will be defined by data insights. On the other hand, advertising must also reflect cultural trends that point in the opposite direction; green life, slow food, and digital detox will be important topics for people in 2020.

Sergio borzillo
Head of Digital Integration, Mediaplus International


The rise of machine learning, cloud-based solutions and AI has inevitably altered the relationship between brands and advertising agencies. This has resulted in brands to increasingly shift their media operations from agencies to in-house with the aim to keep greater control of their data, achieve overall quicker turnaround times and ultimately operate more efficiently. Having said that, it does not mean agencies are destined to be doomed. Quite opposite, brands will need much more support than ever to deal with the complexities that an ever automatized, data-driven, regulated and diversified media landscape brings. I see agencies to assume more and more the role of strategic partners for their clients with their number one priority becoming solving business challenges through intelligent use of data and tech rather than being highly, and mainly, focused on execution. 2020 will be the year in which the line between consulting groups and advertising agencies will become much narrower. Will 2020 be the year in which we witness the acquisition of one of the ‘big six’ media agencies by one of the major consultancy companies? Time will tell.

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