2020 is almost here, let’s hear from our 20something about this year trends.

After so many days, weeks and months of new trends, innovations and special events within a myriad of different sectors. 2019 has been a very active year. Which makes us wonder what new trends might crop up for 2020? What color will be the most contemplated. Do these trends will affect all the sectors?
The year of the Metal Rat promises to be eventful. Whether in the field of fashion, food, social media  and graphics. Nothing can prevent the upcoming tide from disrupting everything we know.



The renewal of French cuisine :

French food is coming back and is imposing itself as one of the new culinary trends for 2020, thanks to our British neighbors. Several Chefs are becoming “ambassadors” for French cuisine in England. The Chef Alex Jackson who wrote a book inspired of French cuisine, owns a successful Provencal restaurant called “Sardine”. Columnists and TV shows are talking more and more about French food and its flavors, like in “Rick Stein’s Secret France”. This new trend is only just starting and it looks like it is spreading worldwide, 2020 promises to be “délicieuse” from all angles.

Authenticity and Simplicity in Food:

A new 2020 trend concerning food mark the end of complex and too elaborate dishes. This trend is about simplicity and authenticity. It’s a return to our sources. People now prefers spending the whole morning cooking some homemade jam than buying a chemical one at the supermarket. Instead of planning to go to the restaurant, people are enjoying more having traditional meal. A home cooked course from your mother or your grandma’s recipe, while eating at a friend’s place is perfect. This trend also aims to have healthier habits instead of choosing the easy way and buy already prepared food. You are the one who choose exactly the quantity of salt, pepper and oil that you use, more controlled, less fat and healthier to consume.

The sugar pleasures of 2020:  Back to the roots

After a decade of creative cakes and design (American pastries), the classic European pastry has regained its power. Indeed, since the release of the Best Pastry Chef, which is a French adaptation of “The Great British baker Off”, lovers of sweet pleasures are rediscovering the fine pastry made from whipped cream, mousse or sponge cake. With this return to sources, the problems of sugar, gluten and other allergens are taken into account and there are alternatives to food. In the book a hint of sugar from us will discover how to make pastry by limiting the quantities of sugar or how to find an alternative. According to many studies, white sugar (or "refined") is the cause of diseases related to hypertension, diabetes or obesity, but also of acne outbreaks, the weakening of neurons, or certain cancers... Heavily transformed by chemical treatments, white sugar, derived from beet or sugar cane, has lost all its nutritional qualities.

Alternatives to white sugar:

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener made from the sap of agave trees, cacti from Mexico.
Coconut sugar is a natural sugar that comes from the sap of the coconut flower and looks like brown sugar.
The honey. You knew it well on toast, but did you know that it can also be used in cooking?
Rapadura (or muscovado) is a very complete cane sugar, which has not been refined.
Fructose is the sugar naturally present in fruit, but it is also refined to obtain a powder.
Maple syrup is a natural sweetener produced from the sap of some maple trees.

Social media

Ephemeral Content Will Keep Gaining Popularity:

In 2 years, the numbers of Instagram stories by daily active users (DAU) has increased over 350M. 2020 seems to be the perfect year to take your phone out of your pocket and share everything with you surroundings. The uses of Instagram stories are getting incorporated in multiples marketing plan. Already 64% of marketers have incorporated Instagram Stories into their strategies or are planning to do it. (Statista). 1/3 of the most seen Instagram Stories were produced by companies (Instagram).

Video Content Will Dominate:

All social media and streaming platforms are fighting to become the “New TV”. People are asking for more content through videos and the change within the offered content can already be seen. YouTube affirms that the consumption of video doubles every year. 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online if they saw a video of it before. It has been drawn from all the posts of Facebook in 2018, that videos receives at least 59% more commitment than the other posts.

Shopping on Social Media

Buying and promoting through social media has already been going on for a few years now. However, the uses of social media in advertising and to shop is only at its beginning. In 2018, marketers had to increase their social advertising expenses of 34% and by 2021, those expenses should reach a total of $23,5 Billion.



Technology is constantly evolving and blending more and more with graphics. Advertising, TV spots, posters and other media are turning to digital rather than traditional paper. Virtual reality, 360° videos, 3D as well as animation are increasingly present in the means of communication and ensure that the user, the spectator, is immersed in his universe and interacts with him. Even posters are now on the interactive kiosks and are available in an animated version. Static design gives way to lively and interactive design.

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The typo has a great importance and focuses more and more on impactful typos, which can be seen from far away and which have a certain personality. No more typographies that don’t make us feel anything.

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More and more brands are adapting their identity as compared to screens with more responsive illustrations, logos or that it is in relation to the spectators by personalizing their visual while keeping a guideline specific to them identity.

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The big trend right now is the nature and the awareness that if you want to preserve it, you have to make changes. This awareness is also observed in graphic design. Eco-responsible, biodegradable and other natural materials are increasingly being used in the food and packaging field. Today they have better visibility in the stores and it’s only just beginning.

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Pantone has revealed the color of the year 2020 and it is the Classic Blue 19-4052.“We live in an era of trust and hope. Classic Blue expresses this type of constancy and optimism through its proven and reliable, unconditional shade of blue. Filled with deep resonance, the Classic Blue colour ensures a solid anchorage. Blue without limit that evokes the immense and infinite evening sky, Classic Blue encourages us to go beyond the obvious to broaden our field of reflection, deepen our thoughts, open our perspectives and communicate,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

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