20&20, Double Combo

The magic number is everywhere and, for us especially, it’s a big year.

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20Something, the expert agency in Youth Marketing, will get even bigger in 2020.
The department will hold a bigger place at our House of Communication but will also house a record number of applicants and team members. In only 6 months, more than 250 applicants worldwide got in touch with us for an internship which will result in us welcoming in February the biggest team we’ve ever had in 10 years: 15 interns at 20Something and afew more at our 5 other agencies (Serviceplan, Plan.Net, Mediaplus, Mediascale and Solutions)

More than one year after joining Serviceplan and House of Communication, 20Something has successfully completed the merging phase, so what’s next? Implementing a 20Something agency at our House of Communication in Amsterdam. That will be our exciting challenge for 2020. And as a bonus, our 15 “Limited Editions” will have the opportunity to discover new offices in Brussels … but that’s something you’ll discover later on.

As a good resolution, I will give you a good piece of advice: forget “Millenials”, this word should be avoided for this new year. Also, do not assume the new generation is better at digital than anyone else and avoid seeing youngsters as these naïve, mobile-obsessed wild animals. We advocate for an experience behaviour-based approach rather than only thinking about generations. So let’s discover what youth Marketing can bring us in 2020 and if you want to join our team, it’s as simple as 2 times 20: http://join.20something.be/

Marc Van den Bossche
If you want to join our team, it’s as simple as 2 times 20: http://join.20something.be/
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